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Timken Responsive SEO Website

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Timken Power Systems Responsive SEO Website

The Timken Power Systems website, launched in 2017, demonstrates how effectively a new online presence can be to reestablishing brands following consolidation. Representing a dozen corporate identities, the Timken Power Systems website presents its subsidiary brands in one cohesive Timken style. New branding guidelines capitalize on existing loyalty to the brands, while transitioning customers from thinking about each independently to seeing them as a part of a greater whole. The website spans across several cross-linked URLs to leverage the inherent search engine optimization value of existing websites, while keeping a consistent design aesthetic and easy cross-navigation throughout. The website has a rotating image presentation on the homepage that offers visitors a fast introduction to all of Timken’s product and service offerings, while a map further down shows its international reach.

The site includes all the content found on the various websites it replaced (>450 pages) to ensure that no SEO value was lost during the transition process. Various contact forms help facilitate customer interaction and drive business. Large, bold industrial imagery throughout conveys the history and capabilities of the company, with key marketing messages strategically placed to succinctly emphasize its competitive advantages. The final result is a website that genuinely reflects the depth and breadth of Timken Power Systems’ product and service offerings. The new responsive website communicates the quality, value, and dependability that are key to how each of its subsidiary firms have inspired loyalty and captured their respective places in the market. The future orientation of the newly consolidated company is demonstrated concretely in its beautiful imagery, clear marketing messages, and clean, contemporary responsive website design.


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