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Virtual Reality is a technology well known to many, and now Augmented Reality has become the next wave of experiential marketing and learning development, bringing with it a whole set of exciting possibilities. While the benefits of virtual visualization and interaction were always attractive, Augmented Reality did not yet have a universal delivery system and a broad base of potential users. There were also data speed barriers that prevented the full deployment of AR. Now that smartphones are ubiquitous in the online world and high resolution graphics can be readily delivered in real time, the prospects of Augmented Reality have come to the forefront of mobile application software development. DDA’s seasoned team of professional experts in custom software development and experiential marketing is fully prepared to work with you and your ideas to create a new realm of immersive experience, ones that entertain, enlighten, and inform.

As the next stage in the development of an immersive 3D computer interface, Augmented Reality will present you with a world of possibilities through your high resolution device, whether it’s a smartphone or another device that provides easy access to the internet and a camera view. You can see vivid photorealistic objects that appear as if they belong inside your reality. In cases where information becomes important, diagrams charts and floating text can also reside within the environment. By layering various types of information into the user’s real world, viewers can experience a reality that’s enriched by and structured with guided information. Augmented Reality is poised to provide applications for numerous industries and disciplines where guided information and experiential marketing can provide invaluable acceleration of learning and new types of experiences and sensations.

About DDA
DDA combines the innovative with the practical to provide serious businesses with sound marketing strategies designed to improve on all metrics of communicative performance. This translates into a logical step-by-step approach that allows customers to know what is happening at every stage of the development process, and to understand how the long-term goals of the project are being met. We ground highly creative and cutting edge development ideas with cost effective optimized solutions that can be measured and tracked to gauge the performance and efficacy of the final product, and we strive to exceed client expectations. Using a uniquely comprehensive strategy, we are able to achieve fully integrated results that can draw from the diverse skill set we maintain in our studios, conveniently located just outside Philadelphia. Let’s sit down and have a discussion about how Augmented Reality is going to affect your business, and how you can best your position your business to take optimum advantage of the new developments in the world of Augmented Reality.



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