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Whitford Hybrid Mobile Application

Whitford Hybrid Mobile Application

MVP developed the Whitford Corporation website in 2011 as an online information destination to help people get a full understanding of their extensive line of houseware and industrial coatings, which have applications in everything from non-stick coatings to materials that enhance the performance of motor vehicles. Understanding that this wealth of information should be as accessible as possible, particularly to empower their sales team, Whitford decided that it would be best to create a hybrid mobile app to compliment the website. The hybrid mobile app would not only present all the information available on the website in a way that was optimized for smaller touch-screens, but it would also allow the user to review this information even without an internet connection.

However, since Whitford updates their product information frequently, the mobile application would also automatically check for information updates from the website whenever an internet connection was made available and download any new information to ensure that the app was always up to date. The hybrid mobile application thus blends the advantages of a native app (no need for internet connectivity to function) with the advantages of a web-served app (automatic information updates). This hybrid mobile application was developed for both Apple and Android platforms to ensure compatibility with the overwhelming majority of mobile devices. MVP also implemented numerous analytics and reporting features so that Whitford could understand accurately how the app was being used. The final result revealed the utility, usability, and elegance that one can expect with professional mobile application developers like MVP.


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