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Waste Gas Fabricating Co. Responsive Website

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Waste Gas Fabricating Co. Responsive Website

MVP created this customized responsive website for the steel and metal fabricating company Waste Gas Fabricating (WGF) Company in 2014. Their old website was quite dated, so they wanted a new online presentation that would better exemplify the industrial metal fabrication services that they offer. As their business had grown substantially in the years since their initial site launched, it was important to WGF that the new website portray all their latest equipment so that their potential customers would know immediately that they were dealing with an industry-leading provider of steel fabrication services. Furthermore, WGF had ambitious goals for attracting greater attention to the WGF website through search engines and thus use the new site as a primary marketing endeavor to grow their business into the future.

MVP proposed the redesign and redevelopment of the WGF website with its full complement of professional organic search engine optimization services, including keyword research, competitive intelligence analysis, content planning, and search engine optimization copywriting by MVP's professional writers. Furthermore, MVP would provide its own in-house photography services to ensure that the new website would be replete with fresh images of all the new equipment that the company had acquired since the creation of the first website over a decade prior. The new site features a responsive website design that optimizes the presentation for all devices, from desktops and laptops to mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, not only increasing accessibility but also helping to extend the search engine optimization of the site further.

Each page features large images of their equipment up top, most of which had been taken by MVP's professional photographers themselves for this very purpose. The website featured very extensive search engine optimized content on all their equipment and services, as well as the materials with which the company works, so that visitors would understand immediately the full-service nature of the company. The site also highlights WGF's in-house packaging and delivery services and has a new contact form to facilitate lead generation. The new mobile-friendly responsive website contemporizes WGF's online presence and will help to attract new potential business into the future.


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