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Precision Flamecutting & Steel Responsive SEO Website

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Precision Flamecutting & Steel Responsive SEO Website

Precision Flamecutting & Steel had been working with another web developer who had run out of ideas on how to improve the search engine marketing impact of the website, so they turned the SEO experts at DDA for help. DDA knew that it was time to establish a modern, contemporary style that would make Precision Flamecutting & Steel stand out from its competitors in the steel fabrication industry, but that would be just the start. The website would need to integrate a secure certificate and most importantly have a responsive web design in order to compete effectively for web searches from smartphones and other small mobile devices, which now account for over half of all searches in the U.S. The website would also need new organic SEO content to compete effectively for key search terms.

DDA began by gathering a list of core services and other terms people would use to find the company, and DDA's SEO experts used those terms to conduct keyword research to find the highest value keyword search string opportunities to use in original content that would be written in house by DDA's own professional copywriters. DDA created a custom responsive web design that brings Precision Flamecutting & Steel into the modern era, sure to position the website among industry leaders in contemporary style for years to come. Metric to imperial unit conversion calculators were included as a popular convenience to fabricated steel customers, and DDA integrated trailer drone videos on the homepage along with other large photos that tell the Precision Flamecutting & Steel story through powerful imagery. The site also includes shots of actual projects along with an introduction to the team and photos of some of their key workers. The final site has become a powerful presentation of the capabilities and professional dedication of the Precision Flamecutting & Steel company, and is sure to be a cornerstone of the company's new business for years to come.


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