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Quality Matters

Responsive Customer Service

MVP's orientation as a digital media vendor and marketing/advertising agency is unique. Founded in 1994, the principals at DDA, as marketing executives at major consumer product manufacturers, had experienced firsthand the weaknesses inherent in so many other marketing and advertising agencies. Their experiences with these vendors taught them some very powerful lessons, the first of which was this: agencies must always maintain responsiveness if they have hope of growing their relationships with clients.

Many digital and interactive media vendors are content to land contracts and take the projects deeply into the design and development processes before the customer has seen little more than rough concepts illustrating the creative direction. This approach is wasteful of the time of both vendors and clients, and does not produce the kind of results that will lead to real impact in a given market. Businesses and organizations themselves know which markets they need to keep and in which they need to grow. For this reason, when MVP decided to enter this arena, they decided they would make sure that they always honored the goals of their clients, taking pains to ensure that their services would consistently meet or exceed the original vision.

The secret to accomplishing this can be summed up in one simple phrase: responsive customer service. Over the years, MVP has refined its design and development process to give as much choice and control to its clients as is possible. First, MVP consults with clients to determine the objectives of the project and how to achieve maximum results within the timelines and budgets available. Next, MVP offers development options so that the client can choose what is most valuable to them. Wireframes are then developed detailing functionality and the essential navigation of the website or app.

Once those are finalized, MVP creates a few design mockups in markedly different styles to give a broad overview of possibilities on the visual presentation; the client can use the range to choose elements from each and move design elements in different directions to arrive at something with which they are happy. Then, as MVP finalizes the designs and continues to develop the platform, continual client feedback is sought so that no time is wasted pursuing a direction that takes the project away from the client's vision. Through this step-by-step process, MVP maximizes the impact of all time spent by ensuring that project development consistently responds to client wishes at every stage.

The same responsiveness that takes each project from concept to completion applies to ongoing support. MVP's staff continually monitors emails and addresses concerns almost immediately, 24/7/365. As soon as communications come in, MVP confirms receipt and lets their clients know that their staff is at work to address the issue. Workflows are then planned for maximum efficiency so that problems are solved as quickly as possible and requests for changes are fulfilled expeditiously and with all due diligence. MVP is also happy to share its expertise in digital media design and development as well as offer its marketing support at any time so that clients can plan future developments with confidence.

MVP is the digital vendor that is responsive in every sense of the word.


What Google Wants, Google Gets

With MVP's search engine optimization services, your website will be built right the first time, and will continue to evolve along with changing technologies and search engine algorithms.

A Holistic Approach to All Things Digital

An intricate blend of creative arts and technical prowess is the hallmark of the comprehensive digital and interactive media services offered by MVP.

Design at Our Core

Lying at the intersection of graphics, navigation, and interactive functionality, strong digital design is the cornerstone of the user experience with everything produced by MVP.

Responsive & Mobile-Optimized Website Design

The world is going mobile. Make sure your online presentation is perfected for the latest technology trends by developing mobile-friendly and responsive websites with MVP.

Responsive Customer Service

Responsibility lies at the foundation of all of MVP's client relationships. MVP's incessantly responsive customer service helps you move your marketing endeavors forward with ease.

Mobile Application Design & Development

Improve workflows and strengthen relationships with customers and clients with MVP's award-winning mobile application design and development.


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