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Philips XperGuide iPad App

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Philips XperGuide iPad App

After creating the initial online version of the XperGuide app for desktop and laptop computers, Philips Healthcare wanted to sure it was appealing to its target demographic of clinical doctors, so they asked MVP to redevelop the application for use on the ever-popular Apple iPad®. The Philips XperGuide Virtual Medical Simulation custom mobile application demonstrates all the strengths that made the initial custom web application so appealing. Its unique mix of live-action video, voice-over narrations, original animations, and its interactive immersive environment all make for richly rewarding user experiences that serve to enhance the learning process at every point. Designs and interactive programming were optimized for the screen size and touch sensitivity of the iPad tablet device. The creative multimedia mix and interactive features of the XperGuide iPad app were extolled by Philips and would later lead to MVP's win of the first annual Tabby Award in 2012 for Best iPad Healthcare App. 


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