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Philips HeartNavigator Virtual Medical Simulation Tablet App

MVP developed the HeartNavigator Virtual Medical Simulation tablet app, the second in a series of three VMS tablet apps developed, for Philips Healthcare in 2011. This custom-designed and -developed tablet application combines a wide range of the creative and technical capabilities for which MVP is known, including 3D modeling, animation, voice-over narration, integrated live-action video, custom interactive programming, training validation, and metrics reporting. Used to train clinicians on new procedures using the latest in medical equipment from Philips Healthcare, the HeartNavigator Virtual Medical Simulation was first developed as an online app and then later recreated as an Apple iPad app, with updates to optimize presentation on the iPad screen and its touch-screen navigation. The final custom tablet application demonstrates the incredible potential available when you choose to work with custom, full-service mobile application developers like MVP. 


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