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Mezzmaster Responsive Website

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Mezzmaster Responsive Website

DDA had designed and developed a search engine optimized website for Westhead Associates (known generally as Mezzmaster) in 1999. The Mezzmaster website had benefitted from consistent, ongoing improvement and refinement of the website afforded to it via MVP's proprietary SureThing™ search engine optimization (SEO) program, so Westhead Associates understood the value that MVP's advanced search engine marketing capabilties provided to its business. While the website at the time was quite contemporary, including a unique animated header, it had become dated and was due for an overhaul. It was especially important to ensure that it was fully compatible with mobile devices and would thus retain rank on the major search engines. Westhead Associates also sought to capitalize on the website overhaul by taking the opportunity to strengthen the Mezzmaster brand and the major marketing messages of the website, include scores of new high resolution photographs of completed work, add a blog system to allow the client to add pages about new important projects and other news, and write approximately three dozen new organic SEO pages covering all of Mezzmaster's major services supporting the development of manufacturing operations and warehouses.

DDA conducted competitive marketing analysis and keyword research, then structured a website architecture reflecting Mezzmaster's range of services as best organized from an SEO and marketing perspective. A content development plan detailing the use of hundreds of keywords allocated to specific content pages was created, and from there, new organic SEO content was authored for the client's review. A new responsive website design was established with a long homepage that promoted the most important services Mezzmaster provides, with an animated presentation scrolling through image collages that show the company's prior work in establishing functional structures for manufacturing operations. The homepage also features an extensive gallery of images of Mezzmaster's past work, which can be filtered by major service categories. A contact form allows users to easily send Westhead Associates a message to facilitate new lead development. Content pages were built with client-approved organic SEO content and high resolution photos showcasing some of the company's best work. A new blog system was incorporated, allowing the client to upload case studies on new projects or share news at their discretion. An initial case study was was written highlighting a particularly successful project involving a hydroponic growing operation made possible especially through the company's new insulated metal panel wall systems and other specialty manufacturing operations services. The website puts a bold new face on the company, and its extensive organic SEO content, responsive website design, and secure certificate allows it to compete for search engine traffic more effectively than ever before.


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