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MCS Healthcare Public Relations News Flash Web Platform

MCS Healthcare Public Relations News Flash Web Platform

The MCS News Flash Web Platform  was created for MCS Healthcare Public Relations by MVP beginning in 2011. The project exhibits the exceptional data-processing, storage, and reporting features that are made possible through MVP's unique custom mobile and web application development. Originally developed to support the launch of a new cardiovascular drug, the custom online and mobile-optimized application presents two distinct views: one for desktop/laptop/tablet users, and another for those using the online application on a smartphone. In each case, an administrator is able to populate the app with online media and have each posting affiliated with dynamically generated variables indicating different qualities of each. Users are then able to filter all content based on whether the postings are articles or tweets and what kind of content each article is associated with via the dynamically generated values. Further insight into media reactions could be obtained through the generation of graphs reporting on overall media responses based upon these same variables.

Administrators are able to create different Events to present different content sets to users depending upon their access permissions. Users are able to search through articles and tweets for specific words. Another user-permission tier was created that allowed certain users the ability to view content on the app but not any contact information affiliated with postings nor any graphs. The end result was a new mobile-optimized online application that could effectively gauge public reaction to a given event like the launch of a new pharmaceutical with powerful, original, and customizable tools that give complete control over how to review media materials to the client.


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