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LSVT Mobile Medical Application

LSVT LOUD® Mobile Medical Application

LSVT Global came to MVP in 2016 to develop a new mobile medical application that would help clinicians and patients proceed through their new LSVT LOUD® speech therapy, which is designed to help patients with Parkinson’s and other neurological conditions to improve their intelligibility. MVP designed the new mobile application for both Apple iPhone® and Android™ smartphones to assure the widest availability possible. The apps can also be used on Apple iPad® and Android tablets. The mobile medical app’s clean and colorful design features large buttons, images, and text for easy navigation and legibility among the predominantly older demographic that would be benefitting from the application.

The full one-month, 16-session program is presented in detail by the mobile medical application. A full calendar of therapeutic sessions guides clinicians and patients through the program schedule, and treatment sessions are outlined for reference. The medical app includes a homework log that allows for saving of dated notes on patient work to gain insight on patient progress. The program emphasis on breath support, articulation, and overall effort are presented through simple, clear illustrations.

Additional LSVT LOUD treatment materials, online resources, and reimbursement codes for billing are linked to from the app, allowing LSVT to keep this information up to date without republishing the app with every change. The features designated specifically for clinicians are password protected to keep the LSVT LOUD treatment proprietary, accessible through the use of clinician certification codes which the client can update through an online administrative area. The final application was launched in the Google Play™ and Apple App® stores in 2016, and will help LSVT Global administer the LSVT LOUD program in a clear and effective manner and thus improve patients’ lives.

LSVT LOUD® is a registered trademark of LSVT Global, Inc.
App Store® is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.
Google Play™ store is a trademark of Google, Inc.


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