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LivaNova Video-Based Medical eLearning Website

LivaNova is the maker of the XTRA ATS, the world’s most advanced autotransfusion system. The XTRA ATS is used as an alternative to using banked blood to replace lost blood, which carries a host of risks associated with immune response to donated tissue. LivaNova generally got its customers up and running with the XTRA ATS using a combination of documents and in-person training. They wanted to standardize the training process while reducing the travel and labor costs associated with live demonstrations. Having seen its long history of innovative multimedia design and development, they turned to MVP to create a custom video-based eLearning platform to teach clinicians how to use the XTRA ATS from their own computer.

MVP created a project development center to house all client-provided resources and track progress and timelines. MVP first worked with LivaNova on the development of a whiteboard animation that demonstrates how the XTRA ATS works to separate blood into its constituent components of concentrated red blood cells, fat, platelets, and plasma, with the concentrated red blood cells being the most typically used blood product in intraoperative and preoperative sequestration. The animation shows the entire circuit running from patient to XTRA ATS and back to the patient, along with each component that moves the blood along and processes it for reinfusion. Particular attention was paid to the visual of the spinning bowl which is responsible for separating the blood into its constituent components.

Next, MVP received all the scripts for the live-action video that comprises the bulk of the course content. Along with the whiteboard animation which begins the course, the entire eLearning is composed of 70 clips divided into four modules, each further subdivided into sections indicating main topics within each module. MVP planned and developed the database structure based upon this hierarchical division, and refined the script for clarity and flow. MVP wrote textual content based on the script that shows alongside all the live action video clips and highlights in synchronization with the spoken narration to emphasize key points. MVP also created detailed shot plans for each of the 69 live action video clips to prepare for the two-day shoot. MVP cast the voice-over narration from its own Actors’ Network of professional talent, and recorded the narration and live-action video in its own studios.

MVP created the eLearning web platform design to be sleek and intuitive, with maximum area allocated to the large video window to ensure the focus is kept on the core content. The design also closely follows LivaNova’s strict branding guidelines for the use of font and colors, in addition to some rules governing the layout of menus. A dashboard area includes an animated tracking element designed around a visual representation of the centrifuge bowl that is used to concentrate the red blood cells and separate out other blood components. Users can log out and in and resume where they left off at any point. The dashboard also features a Quick Start video that shows only the most basic setup and use of the XTRA ATS for those that want to start working with the machine right away and don’t need to understand all the features and capabilities. A View All Videos area allows users to find the exact video clip they want by topic title as organized by module and section. When moving through the eLearning course, video clips advance automatically, pausing only at the end of each module and section to indicate to the user that they are beginning a new general course topic. The web design is responsive, automatically adjusting to window sizes from tablet to laptop and desktop.

When users complete viewing the course videos, they are taken to a test which is comprised of 15 multiple choice questions randomly drawn from a pool of over thirty. This randomization ensures that users never take the same exact test twice. If users do not achieve a passing score, they are shown which questions they got wrong and given a link directing them to review the specific module section that contains the information they need to understand to correctly answer the question. Users may take the test as many times as they like. A back-end administrative area allows LivaNova to create registration codes that allow access to the eLearning platform. These codes can be designated single use only and set with expiration dates to give LivaNova greater control over who can access the course and when. The codes can also be randomly computer generated in bulk. Administrators can also review user performance on each test question, with all answers selected to each question tallied. These metrics can then be filtered by time period, job title, and surgical specialty for a more detailed breakdown of user performance.

The LivaNova XTRA eLearning platform has proven to be a powerful training tool for the company and has been enthusiastically received. While originally planned for use specifically in the United States, LivaNova decided soon upon seeing the first iteration of the platform to expand its use to the entire global market. MVP continues to work with LivaNova to add additional content and features to expand the scope of the eLearning course and enhance functionality.


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