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ICC Tablet-Optimized Website

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ICC Tablet-Optimized Website

MVP first designed and developed the ICC website in 2008. ICC came back to MVP in 2014 to update the website with the following goals in mind: the new website would feature extensive search engine optimized content to drive in new leads, and it would be designed specifically to optimize user experience on the Apple iPad and other tablet devices. The new website design was based off of the aesthetic established on two sell sheets that MVP created for ICC a few months earlier. The menus featured very large buttons to help facilitate easy navigation on touch screens, with a hierarchical structure that clearly indicates the multiple levels of content describing the ICC product line. In addition to the extensive search engine optimized content, the new ICC website also includes multiple forms to facilitate contact with new leads, including a Product Selection Survey which allows users to submit preliminary information on the manufacturing chemicals their companies currently employ so that ICC can understand how to best offer added value to these new potential clients. MVP also integrated the ICC Introductory Video it had produced for the company previously onto every page of the website so that visitors could quickly understand the company and the value of its product offerings.


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