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A Holistic Approach to All Things Digital

MVP's expertise in the realm of search engine optimization practices is unmatched in the industry, with a history of web development going back to its inception in 1994. Whereas many firms specialize in developing websites or retroactively search engine optimizing said websites after development, MVP's approach to search engine marketing is holistic and comprehensive. MVP develops websites that are search engine optimized from day one to ensure that they make a strong introduction to search engines. Then, through MVP's unique, award-winning SureThing™ search engine optimization program, MVP makes continual enhancements over time so that websites go through the perpetual updating that search engines like to see, all while improving the core strengths of the website in the long term.

MVP further supports its clients by hosting all websites on its own servers. MVP has non-internet-facing database servers to secure critical data that may be processed on certain websites as well, a particular benefit for clients with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, intranets and/or extranets, or other web portals that are used to store, process, and report sensitive information. MVP also has HIPAA-compliant database servers to support online platforms which store medical data.

MVP's holistic approach means that when you work with MVP, you get more than a recognized industry leader in web development. MVP has extensive and award-winning programming experience that allows its clients to incorporate robust interactive and information-processing functions into websites as they see fit. MVP's exceptional capabilities in video and animation also mean that its clients can enhance the presentation of their websites with eye-catching multimedia presentations. Combining video and animation with custom interactive features helps to facilitate even deeper engagement among website visitors.

MVP can also offer the build-out of Content Management Systems (CMS) to facilitate the client's ability to continually add and update content over time, ensuring that website users always see accurate and up-to-date information with each visit. CMS features can be used to manage whole websites, or specific sections based upon need. For those who simply want a way to keep visitors posted about news and the like, blog systems can be incorporated. MVP also offers continual support of the websites it creates, so if clients prefer not to make updates themselves, updates can be made by MVP's professional webmasters. MVP has the tools to ensure the continual growth of your website no matter how you prefer to manage it.

 MVP has what it takes to turn your vision into reality.


What Google Wants, Google Gets

With MVP's search engine optimization services, your website will be built right the first time, and will continue to evolve along with changing technologies and search engine algorithms.

A Holistic Approach to All Things Digital

An intricate blend of creative arts and technical prowess is the hallmark of the comprehensive digital and interactive media services offered by MVP.

Design at Our Core

Lying at the intersection of graphics, navigation, and interactive functionality, strong digital design is the cornerstone of the user experience with everything produced by MVP.

Responsive & Mobile-Optimized Website Design

The world is going mobile. Make sure your online presentation is perfected for the latest technology trends by developing mobile-friendly and responsive websites with MVP.

Responsive Customer Service

Responsibility lies at the foundation of all of MVP's client relationships. MVP's incessantly responsive customer service helps you move your marketing endeavors forward with ease.

Mobile Application Design & Development

Improve workflows and strengthen relationships with customers and clients with MVP's award-winning mobile application design and development.


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