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What Google Wants, Google Gets

Google is one of the most recognized names on Earth. Indeed, in the minds of many, Google is the very gateway to the internet itself, synonymous with it and the vast number of digital services available online. Its unique, proprietary, and highly effective search engine algorithms have made it the overwhelmingly dominant player in the industry, with approximately two thirds of the market (the next largest search engine, Bing, has appoximately a fifth of the market). For this reason, all search engines pay very close attention to the trends that Google establishes and attempt to keep up. This makes it critical that websites are developed using the best practices as determined within the search engine industry to ensure that those websites compete effectively for online searches.

What Google wants to see in a website, above all, is authority. Proper HTML coding practices, relevant keyword-rich content, highly integrated internal site navigation, and inbound links all help to contribute to how Google and other search engines rank a given website. Inbound links are recognized as one measure of a website's credibility precisely because they demonstrate the vote of confidence of other online digital media producers. For similar reasons, Google is increasingly ranking highly those websites that demonstrate significant public traction in various online social media outlets like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and the like. However, to ensure optimal presentation of websites in these social media avenues, special code must be implemented which facilitate proper presentation of websites on these social media; this code also contributes to Google's ranking of a website.

Recently Google wants to encourage all websites to be protected with a Secure Certificate, even if the websites do not handle sensitive financial, health, or other personal data. More importantly, Google will now be significantly penalizing those online destinations that are not accompanied by a mobile version of the website, or alternatively use a responsive website design, which automatically adjusts to best fit a wide variety of devices and screen sizes while also preserving good navigability, whether website visitors are using a mouse or a touch screen. This is a logical move at a time when an ever-increasing percentage of all access of the web is done through mobile devices. The importance of mobile and responsive website development will only increase along with the number of users accessing websites via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, so it is absolutely critical that every company that seeks to have its website rank well in search engine algorithms ensures that they develop mobile-optimized websites that are equipped for the future.

Google relentlessly pursues its quest to improve its search engine algorithms and bring online audiences what they want. MVP stays on top of these changing trends and ensures that its clients always stay ahead of the curve. What Google wants, Google gets.

What can you expect from MVP? You can expect exactly what Google wants to see.


What Google Wants, Google Gets

With MVP's search engine optimization services, your website will be built right the first time, and will continue to evolve along with changing technologies and search engine algorithms.

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