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Fox Responsive SEO Website

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Fox Venturi Products Responsive SEO Website

MVP developed this new responsive website with extensive administrative and interactive features for Fox Venturi Products in 2017. The site has a new customized responsive website design and is built on a Content Management System that allows the client to add and change content, as well as update the menu to reflect new content changes. The site features comprehensive information on Fox’s unique eductor solutions for pneumatic conveying, air and gas ejection, liquid/slurry transportation, and more in manufacturing operations. The homepage shows rotating image previews of all product lines. The product menu directs users to the most critical pages in each product silo: introductions, FAQs, and case studies. Large semi-technical illustrations of each product line are shown upon rollover.

Lead conversion is facilitated with a variety of contact options. Visitors can request specific case studies on Fox applications from within content on three of its product lines. Up to three pieces of product literature can be downloaded in an automated process per day, with this literature protected from search engines to prevent competitors gaining advantage from the information. A custom IP blocker allows the clients to choose to divert website visitors from specific countries to a false Under Construction landing page to deflect potential data mining. Large buttons for asking questions and requesting quotes on new applications or existing Fox parts are integrated on the top menu and side menu for fast and easy access regardless of location. Quotes for new applications are facilitated through the collection of comprehensive information from 15 new online forms that replicate previous PDFs while improving usability and ensuring at least minimal contact information is shared with each request to facilitate further interactions with the potential customer.

The new Fox responsive website allows Fox Venturi Products to step confidently into the future with a colorful, contemporary design that looks great on all devices. The CMS allows for search engine optimization through continuous content development, and its interactive forms help convert new leads to clients quickly. Fox was enthusiastic in its reception of the website: “Terrific. FYI - Rob and I are always pleased with the timeliness, thoroughness, and courtesy of all interactions with DDA during this process. This has not been my previous experience on similar projects. Nice change! Thanks."


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