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Dumond Chemicals Mobile-Optimized Website

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Dumond Chemicals Mobile-Optimized Website

Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet-Compatible Website

Dumond Chemicals first came to MVP to redesign their website as a total search engine marketing platform in 2011. The new website featured a much clearer and intuitive menu and navigation system that grouped the extensive range of architectural cleaners and paint and graffiti removers into four basic categories, with separate menus geared to their two basic markets: homeowners and professionals. Furthermore, the aesthetics needed a complete overhaul, with a new custom website design that would make Dumond Chemicals one of the leaders within the industry in terms of modern website design. Finally, Dumond desired to develop a fully organic search engine optimized website that would help attract attention to the company and its extensive line of architectural cleaning and restoration products.

Special Features and Searh Engine Optimization

The site includes a dealer locator and an online shopping cart where visitors can order samples of Dumond Chemicals products to see if they will work for them. Since search engine optimization (SEO) was so important to Dumond, in addition to enrolling the website in the SureThing™ search engine marketing program, MVP also supported the site with both continual refinement of existing content combined with new SEO content development, with newly added search engine optimized landing pages focusing on specific markets as indicated by the client. In this manner, the new Dumond Chemicals website became a continually evolving website that consistently added keyword-rich content that reflected Dumond's marketing goals on an ongoing basis.

Like all successful companies, Dumond Chemicals is not content to rest upon its established market position, but seeks to drive growth through continued innovation through time. Since Dumond realized that the resources and efforts devoted towards its online marketing efforts were realizing greater results than their print marketing materials, they focused their efforts on continual improvement of the website. MVP later developed a contact form that prompted visitors for the most relevant information they needed in order to follow up with prospective leads and also reintegrated a new stylized translate feature prominently displayed on all pages to ensure accessibility by all speakers. As their product branding is updated and they decide to add more items to the cart, they frequently rely on MVP to create high-quality professional product images for use not only on their website but on their other marketing initiatives as well. MVP also took the time to make a substantial redesign of their shopping cart, making the navigation system bolder, more contemporary, and easier to use. Later, MVP developed a new version

New Dealer Locator

The dealer locator was also substantially updated with new features that benefitted both Dumond customers as well as their distributors. The administrative area of the site already gave Dumond the ability to add and edit dealers, either one by one or with spreadsheet uploads of the full data sets. Now, each dealer would also be identified by the specific products and sizes or each product that the given distributor had in store. Dumond also would have the ability to add links to the distributors' websites; in exchange, Dumond asked for those websites to link to the Dumond site, thus benefitting both parties with new inbound links and thereby raising their values to search engine algorithms.

Finally, Dumond is able to classify those dealers that keep the largest number of their products in stock as preferred dealers, with preferred dealers. When users search for dealers in their area, all the top results will be preferred dealers are indicated with a specially designed badge and listed in order of the amount of Dumond Chemicals products they keep in stock, thus encouraging retailers to more aggressively market the company's products. These new dealer locator functionalities are a great example of how online media can open up new possibilities in marketing that effectively drive business growth while projecting a contemporary, tech-savvy corporate image that is beneficial in virtually any industry you can image.

Smartphone-Optimized Version of Website

More recently, MVP has made all of its clients understand the importance of recent changes to Google's search engine algorithms. As the number of users on mobile devices continues to skyrocket, Google decided that accessibility of a website via mobile device would be of ever-increasing importance going forward. Dumond Chemicals made sure that they kept ahead of the curve and decided to move forward with the design and development of a new mobile-friendly version of their website. Since the original website was designed for easy use on tablets as well as desktops and laptops, it was decided that the best and most cost-effective solution was to create a new mobile-optimized website specifically targeted to smartphones. The entire website was ported over to the new mobile version, including the advanced interactive features such as the shopping cart and dealer locator, as well as all the original content. The menus and navigation system were updated to allow easy use on small touch-screen devices. MVP also ported over the entire website onto a secure platform to extend the SEO impact in anticipation of future changes Google has announced will be occurring.

The end result is a beautiful, easy-to-use, mobile-friendly website with a slew of useful features that continues to evolve and has become the cornerstone of Dumond Chemicals' marketing.


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