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AvaKid Mobile Application

The AvaKid custom mobile application was designed and developed by the mobile application developers at MVP in 2011. Combining custom programming with original digital animations and easy navigation, the mobile application helps parents potty train children with clear, easy-to-understand instructions well-suited to those with learning and developmental disabilities in particular. The application includes lots of content that contextualizes the need for the app along with two bright, simple animations designed to capture and hold the attention of young children: the first shows an example of a child having an accident, and the next shows an example of a child successfully demonstrating the steps of using a bathroom.

What is special about the app is the ability it gives users to create a custom avatar of their own child. Users can select from multiple options for the following physical characteristics: shirt color, hair color, hair style, gender, eye color, skin tone, mouth size, and face shape. Through the development of a custom avatar, children may feel it easier to connect their own behavior to that modeled by the child avatars in the animated scenes. These scenes also include integrated voice-over narration recorded at MVP's own studios. The app also includes supplementary information such as potty training tips and other textual reference materials. The final app was launched on both Android and Apple platforms and is available on both the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores for purchase by the public.

One Kentucky teacher offered her praise for the application in 2018. "I’m a teacher in KY and have TREMENDOUS success with potty training, but I credit 75% to your see me potty app.... I have one iPad that I REFUSE to update because I know I will loose access to this AMAZING tool.... so do you plan to update? I have lots of amazing data to share that supports your app for training students with autism.... I have a “avakid” school/home protocol.... We recently started back to school, and this was our first full week in session. Already, I have three students with autism “not potty trained” but have successfully used the bathroom this week! Please keep me updated and let me know how we can keep this awesome app going!!!!! Thank you so much for assisting in changing lives... this app is THE BEST!!!!! Hands down- the very best!"


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