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AUUA Women's and Men's Urology Satellite Websites

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AUUA Women's and Men's Urology Satellite Websites

Academic Urology & Urogynecology of Arizona (AUUA) understands firsthand what effective search engine marketing can do for the promotion of a medical or other organization, as MVP developed their main search engine optimized website in 2011. Along with other more traditional printed marketing materials like postcards, brochures, and trade ads, all of which were also designed by MVP, the extensive, powerful search engine marketing approach helped the medical practice grow significantly in just a few short years.

Seeking to expand upon the previous success of the MVP-authored, keyword-rich search engine optimized website developed for the practice in 2011, AUUA wanted to create satellite websites that would speak more specifically to the urology and urogynecology health concerns of men and women, respectively. As changes to search engine algorithms had elevated the importance of mobile web development, MVP proposed to create the two new responsive websites to present the new market-specific search engine optimized content which MVP would author on the client's behalf.

In 2015, MVP customized two new responsive website designs for the new satellite websites that shared a similar aesthetic with one another that differentiated them both from the main website while using shared visual themes and branding. The menus and navigation were optimized for browsing on touch-screen mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones in addition to browsing on desktops and laptops, with large buttons and clearly differentiated hyperlinks aiding navigation on tablets and smartphones. MVP conducted thorough competitive intelligence analysis and keyword research from which a plan for the development of keyword-rich search engine optimized content was established. All content was authored by MVP's professional SEO copywriters. The final responsive websites proved to be effective introductions to the relevant health topics that would attract potential clients to the AUUA practice and thus build upon AUUA's continued success in its marketing endeavors.


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