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Aqua Mizer by CWE Responsive Website

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Aqua Mizer by CWE Responsive Website

MVP designed and developed this new responsive website for CWE in 2018. CWE had recently acquired exlusive distributor rights for the innovative Aqua Mizer flush system, which prevents catastrophic flooding and leaks, improves efficiency, reduces toilet water usage, and lasts longer than traditional flush systems. The Aqua Mizer company had a website and product demo videos of its own, but continued to have trouble communicating the value of the Aqua Mizer flush system, which saves so much money that it can be financed and paid for from the savings in water bills alone. The new MVP-designed website would provide clear information with bold supporting imagery to succinctly convey the problems with traditional flush systems, the features and benefits of the Aqua Mizer system, and the results that can be realized with it. To this end, the website would also include a new product demonstration video showing two clear toilet tanks, one with a traditional flush system and another with the Aqua Mizer flush system, side by side with further detail on how the mechanics of action of the Aqua Mizer result in the prevention of slow leaks and end to catastrophic toilet failures and the property damages that result.

The website builds on the vibrant colors of the CWE logos of chartreuse and cyan, and frames content with wave patterns which evoke its water utility services. The top menu bar is simple and clear, making navigation a breeze. The homepage features a series of four sliding banner images with textual information that communicate the problems posed by traditional flush systems and how the Aqua Mizer transcends those problems to deliver real time and monetary savings due to its unique ability to shut off water during leaks, clogs, or tank damage. The homepage includes critical facts about toilet leaks and failures, a rotating series of client testimonials, and a convenient cost savings calculator that lets multi-tenant property owners enter their water usage and number of toilets to get a rough idea of the kind of savings they can expect in their water bills.

The rest of the website includes details on the purchasing options, background on CWE, the environmental advantages of the Aqua Mizer system, case studies of successful installation projects, certifications and warrantees, and more. The clean, uncluttered design, strong colors, and lively imagery work together to project a polished image for a great product. The video offers the perfect visual presentation of the advantages of the Aqua Mizer system over traditional flushes. MVP also designed a matching trade show booth graphic. The website, trade show booth graphic, and demonstration video were all warmly received, and are sure to spearhead CWE's efforts to expand the use of this new green technology in multi-tenant properties for years to come.


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