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Aline Components Responsive Website

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Aline Components Responsive Website

Aline Components is a long-time client of MVP, having first worked with its parent company DDA in the design and development of a custom search engine optimized (SEO) website in 2006 and being enrolled in the company's proprietary SureThing™ search engine marketing program throughout that time. However, best practices in the SEO industry had changed. MVP informed Aline that they needed a website that would compete effectively for traffic from mobile devices like smartphones, as over half of all web searches were now being performed through such devices, and Google would increasingly demerit the rank of websites on such searches that did not offer a genuine mobile-optimized presentation. Aline Components understood the need and the opportunity to have a fresh redesign and began working with MVP shortly thereafter.

MVP created a new SEO responsive website for Aline Components, protected by a secure certificate, so that the new website would be industry-leading in competitiveness for searches based on the soundness of its structure. The responsive website design ensured that the website design and menu presentation would scale to the exact screen size of the device viewing it and be fully cross-platform compatible, ensuring the widest access to the online market possible. The site would include all the keyword-rich SEO content authored by DDA's professional copywriters for the original site, plus Aline Components decided to add 12 more pages of original SEO content to expand the potency of the site's performance on the major search engines even further.

Bold colors, beautiful imagery, and a parallax-scrolling design on the homepage, which layers imagery with different scroll rates to produce a quasi-3D sense of depth, made for an eminently eye-catching visual experience that reflects well upon the company. Major marketing messages included an emphasis on their over 50-year history as well as the fact that they are an all American firm using high-quality all American raw materials. The quality of the website design reinforced the central theme of the content, demonstrating that form and function can fit to produce something of true and lasting value.


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