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ACI CME eLearning Website

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ACI CME eLearning Website

This custom Continuing Medical Education (CME) eLearning responsive website was designed and developed in 2015 by MVP for the Advanced Certification Institute (ACI). Having failed with a previous vendor, ACI made sure that they selected a company that had the credentials to develop both mobile-friendly websites as well as robust CME eLearning platforms. This eLearning platform was unique in many regards: whereas many eLearning producers are content to create desktop-only platforms, ACI understood the importance of developing mobile-optimized websites, so MVP made the entire platform with a customized responsive website design, from the external pages to the course modules themselves.

The platform includes a very extensive Content Management System (CMS) that allows the client to populate all course content, change content, and add new content over time. Content is divided into sections, and each CME course includes a resource bank that presents specific resources to users depending on where they are in the materials as well as access to all resources for that module. Testing at the end is comprised of multiple choice questions drawn randomly from a short list of possibilities for each question, making the test experience different for those who need to retake the quiz. Users are corrected if they get a question wrong by being taken to the specific place in the course content that explains the topic and are given one final chance to answer correctly. Upon successful completion they are awarded a personalized certificate with a verification code that can be used by others to authenticate their certification.

Additionally, the custom-built responsive eLearning website included very robust eCommerce features. Not only are purchases of certifications handled online, but administrators are able to set universal discounts as well as specialized discounted pricing tiers for those buying on behalf of groups of various sizes. For very large groups, ACI can create access codes after negotiating price directly that will allow access to a specific module for a specific number of users. The platform automatically grants access to one specific module with the purchase of others as a special deal and to synchronize medical certifications that commonly need to be held together, with automatic emails being sent shortly before any user's given certification is about to expire. Finally, the back-end has advanced metrics reporting features that can sort through any combination of 15 user registration fields to report back performance data based on a wide variety of demographic factors.


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