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Resonsive SEO Website with Aerial Drone & 360-Degree Video

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MPL Responsive SEO Website
with Aerial Drone & 360-Degree Video

MVP designed and developed this original responsive website for Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL), and medical contract manufacturer, in 2019. The responsive website design allows for optimal presentation on all browsers, devices, and screen sizes. DDA's search engine optimization experts conducted competitive intelligence analysis and keyword research based on MPL's provided seed terms to create a content development plan that outlines the optimal use of long-tail keyword search strings within the organic SEO content, which was written by DDA's professional copywriters. DDA's FAA-certified aerial drone videographers worked with MPL to plan an extensive shoot schedule which included aerial drone video both outside around the MPL campus and within MPL's two manufacturing buildings, along with four 360-degree interactive videos and additional photos of equipment for use on the website. The website design includes a long-scrolling homepage presentation that serves as a fast and comprehensive introduction to everything MPL does and its key distinguishing value propositions among medical contract manufacturers.

Aerial drone video was combined with conventional video and cuts from the 360-degree videos plus background music to create a 90-second long introductory company video accessible from the top of the menu throughout the website. The MPL website also includes a new product request form that allows users to submit information about their contract manufacturing project to facilitate MPL creating an estimate for the same. The new responsive website design along with the engaging aerial drone and interactive 360-degree videos, beautiful new product photography, and professional organic SEO content will be sure to expand the reach of the website as a search engine marketing platform and help MPL drive in more new leads. MPL received the new website enthusiastically, writing: "A huge thank you to you and the DDA team for your patience and guidance throughout the process. It has always been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to improving the site over time and continuing our relationship."


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