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Connected Company Responsive Website

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Connected Company Responsive Website

DDA built the Connected Company™ website to promote its new Connected Company app, made for the Clover point-of-sale device. The Clover device is an exciting new portable computing platform that helps facilitate internal and customer business interactions with a wide array of original applications developed specifically for it, such as Connected Company. The website features a sleek, eye-catching responsive design with a parallax-scrolling single page presentation that contains multiple animated elements to keep users engaged while visiting. The parallax-scrolling design allows the numerous large images placed between the sections of the site to scroll at a different speed than the rest of the page, giving it a greater sense of depth than a typical website (sometimes referred to as 2.5D).

A menu bar is placed at the top of the single page presentation which allows a user to quickly navigate to the topics that interest them most with a single click. This menu bar sweeps up and off view once navigating to any specific section on the page, freeing up space for the extensive graphics, but reappears instantly once a user scrolls up to any degree for quick navigational access. Content includes an overview of the new app, highlighted features, FAQs, pricing information, and a series of screenshots that demonstrate the app in action, with notations in a hand-drawn style added for further explanation of on-screen functionality.


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